ASUPD is a special program developed by Arizona State University, ASUPD means Arizona State University Prep Digital. ASUPD is a 100% online learning program designed and incubated in Arizona University. ASUPD provides 45+ US High school classes accredited by Advanced, NACC & College Board. US High School Diploma is fully integrated program which allows students to take at least 6 credits from ASUPD to receive US High School Diploma. Students have a choice to take classes from ASUPD to fulfill graduation requirements from both US and their home country. Indian students have to complete HSC and these 6 Credits and they will be awarded with dual High school Diploma program.

Advantages of US High School Diploma Program

  1. For a 12th Pass out student will have an International Degree in hand with his HSC.
  2. After US High school Diploma Program the student don’t have to appear for English testing exams for applying for US student visa. i.e. No IELTS and No TOEFL.
  3. 100% Guaranteed US Students Visa.
  4. All 6 Subjects will be taught by American Faculty and it will be completely online.
  5. All Educational materials will be provided online.