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RUSSIA is the biggest country in the world, Russia is a developed Nation with literacy rate of 99.4% which is highest in the world. Russia has got some of the Oldest and world renowned Universities which has got great Legacy and which keeps its self-updating constantly according the need of the time. The study standards are at par with European Standards, that’s the reason every years several lakh students go to Russia for education especially Medical Education. Russian Medical colleges are highly respected across the world and it is also accepted by MCI which is now NMC.

We believe one day should not decide the life of a student. That’s why we provide Guaranteed Admissions to all NEET qualified students at lowest FEES. In INDIA we have direct association with more than 50 Medical Universities/Colleges in INDIA in 5 different states

Top Reasons to Study Medical or MBBS in Russia

  1. Russian Medical Degree are Recognized across the world.
  2. Light on Pocket: Tuition Fees for MBBS in Russia is very less it will cost around 1.5 to 3 Lakhs INR per semester.
  3. Study In English: The Entire curriculum in many Russian Universities is completely in English, even the Practical parts.
  4. Cost of Living: Cost of living is very affordable as 1 Ruble is almost equal to 1INR.
  5. Top universities: few of the Universities are nearly 200 year old and working strong.
  6. Relation with India: Russia is a long time ally of India so Indians are well respected in Russia.
  7. Great Infrastructure: Russia being the developed nation the facilities provided are of very high standards with centralize heaters in all the buildings and hostels.
  8. MCI Screening Test: Now it MCI test will be replaced by NEXT from 2023, but all the Medical graduates from Russia have very high percentage of clearing MCI Test.
  9. Area of work: Students after graduation can work in across Europe and India of course.
  10. Ease in Visa: Visa is never a problem for Indian student can get visa very easily.
  11. Indian Food: In most of the part of Russia Indian Food is available.

Top Medical Universities in Russia

  1. The First Moscow State Medical University
  2. The First St. Petersburg State Medical University
  3. Kazan State Medical University
  4. Crimean Federal University
  5. Voronezh State medical University
  1. Kursk State medical University
  2. Ryazan State Medical University
  3. Penza State University
  4. Bashkir State Medical University
  5. Russian National Research Medical University